The regulatory framework for cosmetic products is provided by the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.
This regulation replaces the Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC as amended.
The new Regulation reinforces the link between the Product Information Pack (/file) (PIP), the Product Safety Report and the Cosmetic Safety Assessment and places greater responsibilities on the Responsible Person and the safety assessor.

The Responsible Person shall ensure compliance of the products with the rules set out in the Regulation. In particular, they shall ensure compliance with requirements relating to human health, safety and consumer information. They shall maintain a product information file accessible to the public authorities.

Compliant safety assessments are mandatory before the product is placed on the market.
SEQ can act on behalf our clients for:

  • Dossier management

  • Preparation and submission notification to the Competent Authorities

  • Declarations to Poison Centres

  • Compiling the Labelling requirements

  • Writing the safety assessment of finished products based on the toxicological profile of the ingredients

  • Preparing and auditing Product Information Files (PIFs)

  • Safety assessments and preparing cosmetic product safety reports

  • Substantiating claims

  • REACH registration process

  • Ensuring compliance with ISO22716 Cosmetics-Good Manufacturing Practices

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