SEQ are Regulatory Affairs Specialist Consultants to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical device, biosimilar, biologics, nutraceutical, healthcare & cosmetic industries.

We know that consistent and reliable delivery of high standards is the key to building trust and long-term relationships.

About SEQ

SEQ is a privately owned pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consulting company, with well-established Regulatory Affairs reputation and experience in the pharmaceutical, herbal, food and cosmetic industries.

We provide a wide range of pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultancy services including all aspects of product lifecycle management, regulatory affairs management, medical writing and global quality management facilities.

Our infrastructure is sturdy and accommodating, providing us with ample opportunities for multi-disciplinary teamwork across the entire Consultancy Company. As a company we share a common goal of maximising knowledge, ideas and skills that permit us to engage in innovative methods, implement new technologies and promptly adjust to new circumstances, therefore passing this experience on to our clients.

Our mission is to provide superior quality Regulatory Affairs Consultancy service through our highly qualified expert medical, pharmaceutical and scientific team.

We complement our clients by increasing efficiency and profitability.